Armour Magnetic Components, Inc. is a supplier of wound magnetic devices, as well as electromechanical assemblies. Our products are currently in use in many different applications such as power distribution, pharmaceutical automation, and locking mechanisms, as well as fluid and appliance gas controls.

Armour Magnetic Components, Inc, was founded in 2001, and is located in a 49,000 sq ft facility in Chicago, IL. With over forty years of experience in this marketplace, we endeavor to provide solenoids, transformers, coils, and custom magnetic assemblies, to our customers, that reflect the innovative, cost effective design that is needed in the global market today.

We have found that most customers have very specific needs and desires for their actuation and power supply requirements and that a standard component usually is not capable of meeting their specifications. To meet this need we can provide custom, optimized components, for your application.

Our custom engineered products, flexible manufacturing, and customer service, give us the capability to meet your toughest requirements, with on time deliveries, exceptional quality and globally competitive pricing.